>>《骐骏跨市套利6号结构化私募投资基金私募基金合同之补充协议之二》生效公告           2018/6/19
>>三星等半导体厂商操控价格?中国开启反垄断调查           2018/6/6
>>美媒:中国对矿产质量变挑剔 巨头转型难也要迎合           2018/6/6
>>需求端表现良好 螺纹钢高位振荡           2018/6/6
>>《骐骏商品期货跨市套利8号基金》第1次分红公告           2017/6/8

Shanghai Qijun Investment and Development Co., an investment company with capital linked, creating a comprehensive development platform for enterprises as strategic goal. We are a company gathers capital operation, investment management, commercial and industrial real estate development, trade, investment and financing services, financial education training as one of professional investment management company. MORE>>

Trade and Real Estate

Qijun regards Financial and industry as the wings of an enterprise, the financial leveraging the Group's rapid development and leap, Industrial, compared with the Group's development has on...

Financial Service

Wealth management clients develop comprehensive financial planning, according to the customer's capital strength, risk tolerance, and investment future needs, formulation...


With years of rich experience in outer disk transaction, RMB business, and financial services, we’ve established a long-term good relations of cooperation with class brokers and financial...

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